Da Vinci Leonardo Dual 12


Suitable to any type of physique, and to the relaxing properties of mallow

Height 30cm


  • Magnigel foam is an innovative material, which consists of highly breathable and flexible gel. This specially designed foam dissipates heat and keeps your body fresh and cool, like sleeping on a cloud.
  • Memoform - Magniflex’s unique formulation is pressure sensitive, as opposed to heat sensitive, so it will perfectly contour to your body all night long.
  • This high-density microcellular Eliofoam provides contoured elasticity for firm postural support.
  • The Eliosoft layer supports the spine and offers the correct position, firmly but gently.
  • Covered in Viscosea, a natural, breathable fabric made from wood which is extremely soft and silky, and rapidly wicks away moisture.
  • OUTLAST® is a heat-regulating fabric especially designed for astronauts’ space suits which contains millions of spheres made from a special wax that melts at a temperature of 36 degrees. When the night time temperature of the body rises, the excess heat is absorbed but when the temperature drops below the melting point, the spheres regain their shape and firmness and release the accumulated heat.
  • Practical and removable, washable(dry clean) covering.
  • The foam plate with mallow extract provides soft, comfortable support. Mallow has anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing properties that make this material a source of wellbeing for the nervous system.



  Cover in Viscose/ Outlast®

Memoform Magnifoam padding 2cm

  Super Soft fiber padding
  Mallow Foam 3cm
  Memoform 4cm
  Eliosoft 6cm
  Elioform 6cm
  Memoform 4cm
  Mallow Foam 3cm



- Dual Core Plate

*Only available for king size or queen size mattress at the moment.

- Embracing, Extra comfort, Breathable

- World-Class

- Gentle Support




Is there anyone who has never dreamed of sleeping on a cloud? This has now become possible thanks to mattresses in Magnigel Foam by Magniflex. This highly breathable gel-based material has a special structure that makes it soft and fresh, so that each mattress becomes a little corner of paradise.