Toscana Cotton Experience 9


OEKO TEX Certified, Naturally Tuscan

Height 23cm


  • Lining in organic cotton, a fresh material, pleasant to the touch and which ensures the greatest breathing. These 100% organic fabrics valorize the biologic functions by balancing the biorhythm during sleep.
  • Ecogreen, a techno-natural, flexible and orthopaedic material has been used that helps to ensure the correct alignment of the shoulders, the back and the limbs. Its cellular structure, based on water and essential oils, stimulates air flow and keeps the mattress cool and dry.
  • Geomemory is used -  an anatomical material enriched with Aloe Vera or Soya extracts that moulds itself naturally to the contours of the body and provides independent support for the head, shoulders, bust, arms, pelvis and legs.
  • 3D Band: Special three-dimensional hi-tech fabric. It is used for the outer layer of the mattress. Its high level of breathability reduces the level of internal humidity within the mattress to a minimum, neutralizing odours and the formation of mould, ensuring extremely high levels of hygiene.


Covered in Organic Cotton with 3D Breathable Band

  Cover in Organic Cotton

Padding in Geomemory 2cm

    Hypoallergenic fiber padding
  Ecogreen 18cm



- Embracing

- Breathable

- Ecocompatibility

- Medium Support


The Toscana collection is the perfect solution for those wishing to make an ethical choice without giving up anything in terms of comfort. This collection combines the support of Memoform with essential oils and eco-friendly fabrics. The excellent products of this line may safeguard the environment and also ensure a correct spinal support.